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Raymond (Ted) Vignoe first opened Ted’s Pizza in November 1958 at 131 State Street. Ted’s began by serving take-out customers only, but within a year added a few tables for those wishing to eat in.  In 1964 Ted’s moved to its current location at 91 State Street. Ted and his wife, Helen operated Ted’s until 1975 when Tony Romeo, a long time employee, bought Ted’s Pizza along with his mother, Leah, and sister, Julie.

In 1979 Ted's underwent a major renovation removing the old counter and installing the well-known red booths for eat-in customers. Over the years, there have been some additions to the menu, but Ted's commitment to quality ingredients and traditional taste has remained constant. The homemade dough and sauces are still made fresh daily using many of Ted Vignoe's original techniques. Pizzas are made to order to accommodate customers' individual tastes.

Perhaps Ted's most notable feature is its loyal customer base. Many families have "grown up" on Ted's Pizza and have been coming for generations. The relaxed, fun, and family atmosphere of Ted's that has kept customers coming back has also helped the growth of the valuable staff that has worked at Ted's over the years. Staff and customers alike make up the extended Ted's Pizza family that has helped make Ted's a Rutland landmark. Along with them, the Romeo family has been maintaining the tradition of good food, family atmosphere and sense of community for over 30 years. 

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